Research and Production Company ­«ENERGOSOYUZ»


Since 1990 Research and Production Company ­«ENERGOSOYUZ» has been developing, producing and implementing equipment for automation of power industry objects, and performing energy inspection of power facilities and industrial enterprises.

ENERGOSOYUZ’s equipment under «NEVA» trademark has been operated at hundreds of power stations and substations in most regions of Russia and CIS countries as a part of fault recording systems, telemetry and telecontrol systems, automated process control system and emergency control automatics, solves tasks of high-power electrical equipment monitoring and diagnostics.Our products meet requirements of national standards and provided with required certificates and declarations of conformance.


Мain solutions and products

Fault recording systems

Fault recording system is built on digital fault recorders «NEVA-RAS» and is designed for recording transient emergency processes in electrical facilities, registration of relay protection and switching devices operation in normal, emergency and post-emergency modes. The system enables analysis of emergency processes, evaluation of protection devices operation, establishing of emergencies causes and fault location.


High power electrical equipment monitoring and diagnostics systems

  • Automated system for generator monitoring and diagnostics «NEVA-ASKDG» is designed to supervise technological parameters of generator and its auxiliary systems, as well as diagnose generator’s technical condition. The system has been developed for generators with output power from 20 MW to 1000 MW.
  • Automated system for transformer equipment monitoring and diagnostics «NEVA-ASKDT» is designed to supervise and diagnose high-power electrical transformers 10-750 kV, from 2500 kVA to 500 MVA.  


Automated process control system of electrical part of power industry objects

Automated process control system is based on uniform «NEVA» hardware and software platform and includes the following subsystems:

  • data acquisition, processing and display;
  • data transmission to system operator;
  • switching devices control with technological and operational interlocks;
  • fault recording and sequence of events registration;
  • electrical equipment monitoring and diagnostics;
  • emergency control automatics.

Our software «SCADA-NEVA» ensures implementation of all control and data processing functions for automated process control system, including integration with equipment of different manufacturers.

Software package includes wide range of programs:

  • data acquisition, processing and displaying of power facility parameters;
  • fault recordings and sequences of events displaying and analysis;
  • daily or shift reports;
  • dispatching or automatic control of various equipment;
  • sound or voice announcement on occurred events;
  • real-time calculation of virtual parameters;
  • integration and interaction with other devices and systems.